Bringing the Gym Home

Just finished a delightful chocolate protein shake: 1 tbsp Hershey’s dark cocoa, 1 heaping tablespoon of chocolate protein powder, dash of instant espresso and ice cold water!  Yum.

The best addition to chocolate protein powder!

Today, I can’t do my normal gym workout routine because the gym is at my work, and I have to leave early to head to some physical therapy for my sad hips!

However, I hate missing a workout.

I’m also terrible at working out at home.


So, I’m posting this here to keep me accountable, and to give you guys an idea of a home workout that’s easy to do!

Pyramid Fun!

Warm-up: 1 minute of jumping jacks

60 bicycle crunches
(one knee touch = 1)

50 air squats
(I recommend trying to touch your butt to a couch)

40 countertop push-ups
(a nice incline for those of us who can’t do a full push-up yet!)

30 sec. plank
(on elbows or on hands)

20 reach-unders in side plank position
(get in a side plank on your elbow or hand, and with the free hand, reach under your torso, 20 times each side)

10 squat jumps
(squat, explode from the ground while also bringing your arms up)

… and back up the pyramid we go!  After completing the 10 squat jumps, move to 20 reach-unders, the 30 sec. plank, etc. 

Someone take this Sunbutter away from me.

Planning on making this Sunbutter bread soon – keep updated for the recipe and tweaks!



Just Shrimpy

Paleo’s been going well!

I promised my coworkers that I’d bring my (famous) salted dark chocolate espresso brownies to work, and I managed to only have a tiny brownie the entirety of the day. The ONLY non-Paleo thing! Go me?

I’m not as picky about the legume part of Paleo in terms of some veggies (like green beans) or veggie starches (like corn). I definitely stray away from other legumes and starches, though, as per Paleo.

Dinner last night was awesomeeeeeeeeeee. Excuse the BlackBerry picture:

BlackBerry phone quality…

and today started off with a banana covered (I do mean covered) in Sunbutter. Plus several other spoonfuls of Sunbutter.

Stuff is addicting. AND Paleo. Win.

Question of the day: what food can’t you resist?