I love to travel.

(c) myself, 2010

If I could live somewhere new every few years, I would do it, in an instant.  Here’s hoping I can!

Also, if you’re traveling (cheaply!) and want any recommendations for restaurants or hostels, get in touch!

Colombia, South America
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I was given the chance to be a speaker at the World Youth Summit (sponsored by IAVE) in November of 2011 on behalf of the American Red Cross. I traveled to Baranquilla and Cartagena, Colombia.

  • Monumental Moments
    • Helping a village incapacitated by flood for nearly a year
    • Doing Zumba with the man himself (Beto Perez) in a carnival for this ^^^ village
    • Knowing absolutely no Spanish, and yet bonding with people over the love of volunteerism
    • Meeting Red Cross representatives from many South and Central American societies (who, let me tell you, have incredible youth programs)

My Year Abroad: Brie Does Britain
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2010-2011, I had the pleasure of being a Visiting Scholar the University of Oxford (England), studying Experimental Psychology.  Throughout this time, I traveled all over Europe and England, backpacking/poor-student style.

  • Places I went
    • Athens, Greece
    • Rome, Italy
    • Barcelona, Spain
    • Madrid, Spain
    • Alicante, Spain
    • Santander, Spain
    • Paris, France
    • Berlin, Germany
    • Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • Edinburgh, Scotland
    • Dublin, Ireland
    • England: Bath, Cambridge, Oxford, London
  • Monumental Moments
    • Winning the highest honors (“blades”) with my men’s team at the largest rowing regatta at Oxford University [and that time I got launched out of a boat: OUCH]
    • Visiting Cambridge, where I will now be getting my PhD! Read about me getting the Gates Scholarship… HERE
    • Learning to pack for 6-weeks in a duffle bag the size of a backpack
    • Making friends with people from pretty much every continent

A selection of memories…

I moonlight as a photographer, sometimes… all pictures by me!

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