Home at last!

Sorry for no post yesterday – I was en route from DC back to my home in Ohio!  Now that my 10-week internship is done, I have roughly 5 weeks to get my things in order to MOVE TO ENGLAND.

So excited.

Anyhow, let’s rewind!  Friday was the closing ceremony for our internship, meaning great food and great people all in the same place!


The buffet was incredible.


I filled my plate with veggies first (huge tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots), then went for the meat (salmon, chicken, flank steak), followed by a small scoop or orzo pasta salad, a strawberry and grapes.


I did indeed have seconds, which consisted of more tomatoes, cucumbers, chicken and the black beans that marinated the chicken.  Delicious.


Can’t believe it’s over so soon!  As I was leaving, I snapped one final picture of my home for the last 10-weeks…


And how beautiful it is.  You can see words inscribed on the ground (which are the seven ‘parts’ of our mission) – a very beautiful lobby.

After having my flight delayed for two hours in Reagan Airport, and having had a long conversation with one of the top ranking officials in Global Development from the White House, I made it home to Ohio!  It was my parents’ 40th anniversary yesterday, so of course we headed to our favorite place: Joe’s Crab Shack!

I apologize for the picture quality – my camera was buried in my luggage, but I couldn’t miss this moment!  I had snow crab, scallops and mussels in white wine.  Holy cow was it delicious.

So, now that I’m home, I have a huge to-do list, which includes exercising, getting back to my “comfortable” coxswain weight, figuring out the small annoying details of moving internationally for an unknown period of time… and seeing/loving friends and family!

Please enjoy the small workout I did this morning to kick start my day:

Jumping Jacks

60 reps

Raised push-ups

15 reps


45 seconds

Step-back lunges

10 reps each leg


50 reps


60 seconds

Leg drop w/ reverse crunch

2 x 10 reps

Didn’t have me breathing too hard, but I needed something to kick-start my day before my gym membership gets up-and-running for the month I’m home!

Happy Sunday!

Weekly Workouts

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!

This weekend was crazy.

As many of you know, I studied abroad for a year at Oxford (England), and have great friends from that journey.  A friend of mine from that experience met up with two girls who had just returned from studying abroad, so it was two generations of Oxford!

Myself and Sabrina, the “old” generation…

… with Lauren and Dorothy, the “newest” generation.  Cute!  We enjoyed lunch at Bistro Francais in Georgetown.  I had the Rachel salad, which consisted of spinach leaves, avocado, and crab meat.  Delicious.


I was a member of the clean-plate club.

After, my best friend drove up to DC and we went to Adams Morgan, a very popular up-and-coming neighborhood in DC.  We went to Madams Organ for dinner, and had delicious barbeque chicken with candied yams, fried okra and too many french fries. 

Such strange restaurant décor… (don’t bring your kids here, folks).

This week is the very last week of my American Red Cross internship in DC.  How time flies!  I’ll be doing lots of exciting things, wrapping up my research, and saying the final goodbyes!  Eeep.  But, above all this, I’ll be trying to stay fit!

My hips have been struggling this past weekend, but I’m still going to make sure to get a few workouts in.  When I get back to Ohio, I’m going to step up the pace and really start watching my clean eating.  I’ve been off the wagon too long.

Weekly Workouts

Monday – Walk 1 mile to PT, then 1+ miles to friend’s house for dinner.  Potentially have a quick 15 minute arc trainer session pre-walk to PT.

Tuesday – Abs and upper body circuit, plus 30 minute arc trainer interval session (30 sec sprint, 30 sec moderate).

Wednesday – Abs and lower body circuit, plus 40 minute arc trainer interval session (10 minute moderate, 20 minute of 45-sec sprint and 90 sec moderate intervals, 10 minute moderate).

Thursday – Walk 1 mile to PT.  Potentially have a quick 15 minute arc trainer session pre-walk to PT.

Friday – Abs and upper body circuit, plus 30 minute arc trainer interval session (30 sec sprint, 30 sec moderate).

Saturday – fly home!

Capital Food

I’m interning in the Capital this summer (good ole swamp-land), so I thought I’d share some of my favorite places to go out for food/drink in the city!

I live up near Howard University (Shaw metro, for those of you in-the-know), and have found some lovely eateries there.

Zenebech Injera

I hadn’t ever had Ethiopian fare until I came to DC, and I must say that I love it.  Now that I’m going Paleo, it’s a bit rough to eat here, since they don’t give you utensils and you eat your main dish by use of a spongy-bread called Injera!  Which, might I add, smells like sourdough, looks like spongy pita, and is totally delicious.  It expands in your stomach, though, so watch out!  This place is located right by the Shaw metro station (7th and T street), is very reasonable (entrees $8-12, beers $2, wine around $3.50), and gives you lots of food to take home for the next day!  They’re also a bakery for Ethiopian bread.

This places, though it’s certainly not an upperclass establishment and looks a bit shady, is heralded as one of the best in DC.  No joke.

Baked and Wired

Best cupcake place in DC. Don’t listen to those people telling you to go to Georgetown Cupcake, or Sprinkles, or wherever. Seriously – don’t.

Baked and Wired is like a gourmet-foodie’s dream. You walk in, and the cupcakes are covered in glass vases. On display. Drool.

Like the others, it’s located in Georgetown (something like between 36th and 37th), and it’s near the waterfront. I recommend grabbing a cupcake and walking down with your friends to the waterfront to watch some good ole rowing. We love rowing!


A fun little restaurant just off of George Washington’s campus, it’s best known for its gourmet mac n cheese and tater tots. I love their fish tacos, and pretty much all of their burgers. PS, their burgers are the size of your head. Please take a friend.

It’s in an old Pharmacy, and the decoration is adorable. I’ve heard it’s a popular date-place for GW students.


Every Friday, most food trucks gather in Farragut Square for an insane food-fest. There are some seriously awesome trucks out there. My coworkers favorites include Basil & Thyme (gourmet Italian), Curbside Cupcakes and TaKorean (korean tacos!)

The food trucks also move around the city during the week, so you can always track them, on places like: http://foodtruckfiesta.com/food-trucks-washington-dc/. Bad news for us foodies.