Everybody is an Athlete

I’m in love with the Nike Women’s campaign, “Everybody is an Athlete.”

Having played varsity sports for literally my entire life, it’s annoying to be riddled with stereotypes all of the time.  I’m sure I’ve been guilty of judging, at some point in life, but I’ve always tried hard not to judge a person’s athletic ability on their appearance.

Example in point:  You’re walking through the produce aisle of the grocery store, when you see a very large individual in front of you.  Your first thoughts are probably, “oh, she’s going to stock her cart with potatoes…” or, “I bet she’s never run a day in her life.”  Sad, but true.  That’s what the media tells us.  What the media doesn’t tell us, and what her personal appearance might not either, is that maybe she’s just lost 200lbs and runs everyday.  That this is the lightest weight she’s ever been.  That she grew up in a household of bad habits, but now she’s about to stock her cart with greens and veggies.

Travel ball, way back in ’05

Don’t judge.  Embrace yourself for the athlete you are, and don’t compare yourself to others.  I’ve never had ripped abs or arms, but I’d consider myself in very good shape.  Embrace yourself.  It’s the most valuable thing that I’ve learned through athletics, and it’s something that gets convoluted and taken advantage of.  It’s amazing to be able to aspire to something, to push yourself against someone or for something, and, undoubtedly, to fail.  All of these things make a great athlete. 

Have fun with it!

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting a professional or Olympic athlete, you’ll know that it’s this state of mind that sets them apart.  It’s something I’m always striving toward and – no matter how many roadblocks I hit (“gah, I should’ve pushed harder” etc) – I know that it’s up to me to make the change.

15-year old me meeting my idol, Brandi Chastain (who you hear commentating the women’s soccer matches in the 2012 Olympics!)

Here’s to you, athlete.



Abs on Fire

Here’s the “hard” core workout I’m planning to atempt today, that I mentioned in my Fitness of the Week post yesterday…

The idea is to complete each exercise with perfect form for one set each.  Then, if your abs aren’t on fire, to go back through the circuit, completing as many as you can with good form.  If you can’t do as many as you did the first time, totally fine – the objective is good, strong completion, not half-assed.

I’ll let ya know how it goes!  Can’t wait to be unleashed from my office chair…

The Fitness Week Plan!

A lot of bloggers do a post on Sundays about ‘meals of the week,’ etc.  While I do try to plan meals, I’m really terrible at it… but I do like planning workouts!  So here’s my take on the classic Sunday post.

This week, I’d like to focus on hard, efficient cardio (long interval sequences involving sprints for upwards of 20-25 minutes), core strength and arm toning.

Here’s the plan.


  • Cardio: Arc Trainer.  30-minute total: 5 minute warm-up, 20 minute interval challenge (30 sec sprint, 30 sec moderate), 5 minute cool-down
  • Strength: Biceps, triceps & lats focus.  Heavier core focus (at least three core-focused exercises).

Tuesday – 4PM Physiotherapy appointment. 

  • Cardio: Walk 1 mile to PT appointment. 
  • Strength: Incline push-ups, bicycle crunches at home


  • Cardio: Arc Trainer.  30-minute total: 5 minute warm-up, 20 minute interval challenge (45 sec sprint, 90 sec moderate), 5 minute cool-down
  • Strength: Hamstring, glute and back focus.  Heavier core focus (at least three core-focused exercises).

Thursday – 4PM Physiotherapy appointment.

  • Cardio: Walk 1 mile to PT appointment.
  • Strength: Incline push-ups, bicycle crunches at home


  • Cardio: Arc Trainer.  30-minute total: 5 minute warm-up, 10 minute hard interval challenge (30 sec sprint, 15 sec moderate) + 10 minute medium interval challenge (30 sec sprint, 30 sec moderate), 5 minute cool-down
  • Strength: Biceps, triceps & lats focus. Heavier core focus (at least three core-focused exercises).

In other news... I want this.In other news, I want this ^^^^^.

Goal: put in the work here, and focus on eating clean!



Banana Pancakes

Cue Jack Johnson song…



Who doesn’t love banana pancakes, right?

I’m currently trying to clean out my pantry items (since I move away in 2 weeks), and thus ‘garbage’ pancakes are born.  Okay, not really garbage, but an interesting assortment!


This could easily serve two people, or one very hungry individual.

  • 1 banana, ripe
  • 1/3c bisquick or whole wheat flour
  • big dash of baking soda
  • big dash of cinnamon
  • 1/4c dry oats
  • 1/2c egg whites
  • dash water

Smash your ‘naner, then add wet and dry ingredients, mixing evenly.  It’ll be lumpy because of the banana, but that’s the best part!


Cook on a sprayed griddle on medium.  This made three mammoth pancakes.  I topped with spray butter and a bit of honey… and coffee on the side!

Happy Sunday!

Walking in the Sunshine

I metro’d up to Columbia Heights, and my friend and I walked over to Adams Morgan, a really fun neighborhood in DC.  Our intention was, of course, more delicious Ethiopian food!  Gotta get all that I can while I’m here since it won’t be around when I head back home, or to England!

There are some gorgeous cathedrals along the walk to Adams Morgan, and I LOVE cathedrals.  So much.

We entered to beautiful décor! Cue Meskerem.

It was so delicious that I didn’t get a picture until the end!  I had the Special Tibbs (cubes of choice lean beef, sauteed in special, spicy sauce), and my friend had Sigana Atkilt (lamb meat with string beans, carrots and potatoes in a mild sauce)… with lots of injera (spongy, sourdough-tasting bread), of course!  You can see that bread lining the bowl, still.

How cool is this bowl table, though?!

After discovering the only Target in the city, I meandered about, picked up some apples, sandwich thins and a cardigan ($7, originally $30!), then finally ventured home.

At 6:30, my stomach growled again.

I whipped up a turkey burger, avocado, over-easy egg, a piece of my homemade bread and a monstrous amount of green beans with cayenne, salt and pepper.  Delish!

Had a frozen ‘nana with raspberries, and then snuck some peanut butter and chocolate chips after… whoooops.

Only in my lovely bricked apartment for 2 more weeks before Ohio calls!  Embracing my DC time!