Lake n’ love

Put-in-Bay Island on Lake Erie (between Ohio and Michigan) is absolutely wonderful.  It’s a tiny island, only 0.6 square miles, with 128 permanent residents.  They definitely cater to us visiting folk, who board the ferry and jet over.


My parents are the cutest.  They recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary! 



You certainly can’t miss the resemblance here!  We’re crossing Lake Erie on the ferry to Put-in-Bay, where our first stop is to…


Rent a GOLF CART!  Normally I would opt to bike, but my dad hasn’t been in the best physical health, so we went with the far more suave route.


Only time in my life that I can viably say that I’ve ridden Jack Sparrow.

Ahem.  Sorry.

The island has some wonderful vineyards, such as Heinemans, whose grapes you see here.  I wish you could smell these babies through the photograph!  They have a wonderful aroma.  Their specialty is catawba and concord grapes (white and red, respectively).



Here we come to the Goat, Soup and Whiskey, a lovely pub and chocolate shop down the road from the winery.  At lunched on the “Rose Plate,” which included two cups of their homemade soups (chicken chili and seafood gumbo), plus a delightful garden salad.


Downtown we went!  The classic lake apparel store…


Some entirely random brightly colored patio chairs…


And heaven on earth.



Mom and I split a dark chocolate moose tracks bar (marshmallows and walnuts), and each had a small piece of dark chocolate with caramel and sea salt.  Divine.


Upon Put-in-Bay, hidden in the corner of the island, off the beaten track, lies a jewel.  First thing: I’m obsessed with architecture, especially unique and wonderful house architecture.  Second thing: this is insane.


The Benson Ford (this ship) was one of Henry Ford’s shipped, once used to port motors across Lake Erie.  Not wanting it to go to waste once it was decommissioned, it was restored into a HOME.  It literally appears to be a boat taking off from the island.  It’s pristine.

It’s a private home that was featured on MTV’s “Extreme Cribs.”  Cool?  Absolutely.  Check out the owner’s personal site of the shiphouse here.

After ferrying back to mainland, we went to one of the most fun stores – Cheesehaven!


They’re not kidding about the 125 kinds of cheese, either.


They always have free samples, which I nibbled on (my favorite being the salami-aged cheddar).  We got some beef jerky for the road, and also hit up a farmer’s market on the 2-hour drive back home.

I’m a bit wiped out, but it was a wonderful, sunny day.  Trying to really embrace the only three weeks that I have remaining in the USA!  Crazy.

Today was an off-workout day since we were traveling and because my legs are acting up.  Here’s hoping tomorrow brings better legs and a hard workout!  I know Mexican food is coming my way, too… excellent.


So, I’ve recently discovered a cure to the “oh my god I’m so bored” thought on the elliptical.  Even when I do intervals (tough ones, at that), I still get a little bit bored. 

These past 2 days, I’ve gone to the gym extra late in order to get my cardio in while watching some great TV programs.  Okay, “great” is probably not the best word – maybe, amusing.  On Monday, I trucked it to the gym at 8:30PM to do some hip rehab and core work before hopping on the elliptical for a moderate 60-minute session while watching ABC’s Bunheads.  Hilarious show, but so sad that it was the finale!

Yesterday, I got to the gym around 8:15PM to do a more total-body resistance workout before hopping on the elliptical to watch USA’s White Collar.  While I felt pretty good during the weights segment, I had to stop 4 times on the elliptical to stretch my TFL and hip tendons, which (after about 10 minutes of going), started to twinge sharply with each stride.  Annoying.  Overwork?

Plie squats w/ 20lb DB 3 x 12
Step-back lunges w/ 8lb DBs 2 x 8 (my quads weren’t happy)
Side-lunge w/ lateral arm raise 2 x 10
Goodmornings w/ 8lb DBs 2 x 12
Lateral and frontal raise w/ 5lb DBs 2 x 10
Flye on ball w/ 8lb DBs 2 x 12
Reverse flye on ball w/ 10lb DBs 2 x 12
Hamstring ball pull-ins 2 x 10
One-legged bridge on ball 3 x 10 seconds, each leg
Side planks 45 seconds, each side
Wide-legged plank 45 seconds

Today my hips are feeling tight, undoubtedly from two 60-minute elliptical sessions and the hamstring/quad work I did yesterday, so I think I’ll hop over to the gym for a walking-treadmill workout and lots of stretching.  I’m miffed that my cheapo gym doesn’t have a foam roller, though. Big ole bummer.

Motivation of the day: 6 weeks until I get to start coxing again!


Eights M1 (2)

Get excited for the Paralympics, too!

Team Bad Company, incredible USA Paralympic rowing team!


Charging my brand new camera… and hunting for good photoshoot locations later today!




I had the great pleasure of watching a polo match just down my road!

I rode horses (English and hunter/jumper) for a very long time, and as many of you know, I have a horse of my own!  I’d never seen a polo game though, and what better way to become even more British before I hop the pond!


I stomped on some grass divots thrown up during the first half, as well as learned some great “polo-isms”!  A “chukker” is the 7 and a half minute ‘time of play’ that occurs, much like ‘quarters’ in a basketball game.  There are three “chukkers” per half.

At half, there was a hilarious hat judging contest.  These ladies won.


As if any hat could beat those babies!

It’s been wonderful weather here in the midwest – mid 70s and sunny – and I’m embracing it.  Absolute favorite weather.


I also made a friend.

My evening following polo was full of wood-fired pizza (sausage, sun dried tomatoes and mushrooms), and a small wine tasting. 

Happy Saturday to you, folks!


Scared to be Hungry

My blog post yesterday was optimistic about my legs post-run, but as I was trying to elliptical at the gym yesterday, they felt like they were falling apart.  Definitely some overcompensation from the muscles responsible for internal rotation (ie. TFL, certain hip flexors).  Very, very uncomfortable.  I’m taking today off to give them a breather.


On another note, I hopped on the scale today expecting to at least have gone down a pound.  I slacked off a LOT in DC during my internship and gained about 3-4 unwanted pounds.  Also, as most of you know, coxing involves being small – probably smaller than I’d like to be, but you make sacrifices – and I’m nowhere near there by now.  I’d rather be muscular than small, but I love coxing. 

Kick in the face.


I have a tendency to freak out and get really, really frustrated when I don’t get what I want.  Not in the “cry and scream on the ground” type of thing, but all internally.  The all-internal way might be worse.

I realized that I’m scared to be hungry.  Is that weird?  As in, I eat extra snacks/overcompensate because I don’t want to feel hungry.  It might be that sometimes I get light-headed when I’m too hungry (sugar drop), or that maybe I’ve had a bad experience in the past, but it’s still super weird.  It’s like I can’t wait to be actually hungry to eat… I always eat before, on desire or as a preventative measure.

Strange, indeed.  So, this week, I have one challenge for myself: eat when hungry.  That’s it.  Right now, I’ve been awake for approximately an hour, and only at this instant is my stomach beginning to growl.  I think I’ll head downstairs, whip up some coffee (thank goodness for k-cups), eat an orange and one or two hardboiled eggs.  My family is headed out to get wood-fired pizza for dinner, so I’m going easy on the carbs beforehand.

Any of you guys feel the same?  Must keep trucking on!  Operation coxswain-weight is in effect!

Fatigue for Progress

 First off, thank you to the people who have subscribed to my blog!  Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside!

Unlike my coworker, who received this expression today:

I’m known for my ability to scowl.  A funny scowl, nonetheless.


Today, I’m planning a “fatigue” workout.  If you’ve never done this style of weight lifting/strength building, it’s intense… and awesome!  If you want to feel a day-after burn… this is a trusty way to ensure it.

Click me for a clearer image!

As you can see, I often keep my workouts in Excel documents!  Easy access and sharing!

In other news, I’m trying to stay ahead of the curve at work.  Only seven more weekdays of my internship, and then I ship out of DC to Ohio until England calls my name!  Time really does fly.  I’m trying to get bank accounts, phones, etc, sorted before I head over there so I don’t make the mistake I made last time and wait until the last minute and appear like a chicken with my head cut off.  I’m sure glad I’ve already lived in England for a year so I know what to expect and where to find things; that’s a relief!

I’m talking to a lot of my fellow Gates Scholars about the transition – it’s very nice to be a source of information!  I pride myself on my Brit knowledge.  Sometimes I have more British pride than American pride…


Yes, America.  Yes.