Walking in the Sunshine

I metro’d up to Columbia Heights, and my friend and I walked over to Adams Morgan, a really fun neighborhood in DC.  Our intention was, of course, more delicious Ethiopian food!  Gotta get all that I can while I’m here since it won’t be around when I head back home, or to England!

There are some gorgeous cathedrals along the walk to Adams Morgan, and I LOVE cathedrals.  So much.

We entered to beautiful décor! Cue Meskerem.

It was so delicious that I didn’t get a picture until the end!  I had the Special Tibbs (cubes of choice lean beef, sauteed in special, spicy sauce), and my friend had Sigana Atkilt (lamb meat with string beans, carrots and potatoes in a mild sauce)… with lots of injera (spongy, sourdough-tasting bread), of course!  You can see that bread lining the bowl, still.

How cool is this bowl table, though?!

After discovering the only Target in the city, I meandered about, picked up some apples, sandwich thins and a cardigan ($7, originally $30!), then finally ventured home.

At 6:30, my stomach growled again.

I whipped up a turkey burger, avocado, over-easy egg, a piece of my homemade bread and a monstrous amount of green beans with cayenne, salt and pepper.  Delish!

Had a frozen ‘nana with raspberries, and then snuck some peanut butter and chocolate chips after… whoooops.

Only in my lovely bricked apartment for 2 more weeks before Ohio calls!  Embracing my DC time!

‘Twas The Land of Temptation

And all through the office…

Not a creature was stirring,

Except 10 million cupcakes.

cookies n’ cream!

Most of the cupcakes kill me (damn cream cheese), but they’re all delicious.  

In other news, I lost my internet for most of yesterday, so I apologize for the lack of post except in the very late evening.  My blender blew a fuse in my house as soon as I got home!  Who knew!

I tired to make coconut butter (from unsweetened coconut flakes) in my blender, and MAN, was that a fail.  I wish I had a VitaMix or food processor.  Someday.

I also took part in a lovely marketing photosession for our new materials at the Red Cross.  We’ve recently changed our logo for the first time over a hundred years –



Oddly enough, it’s not such a drastic change as it seems.  Sure, it looks much more modern, but it’s actually based off of some of the buttons that the American Red Cross was famous for, back during WWI and WWII.

Cool, huh?  Maybe you’ll be seeing my face on some fancy posters in the next year…

But if not, at least I got to pose with this cool bear.

Capital Food

I’m interning in the Capital this summer (good ole swamp-land), so I thought I’d share some of my favorite places to go out for food/drink in the city!

I live up near Howard University (Shaw metro, for those of you in-the-know), and have found some lovely eateries there.

Zenebech Injera

I hadn’t ever had Ethiopian fare until I came to DC, and I must say that I love it.  Now that I’m going Paleo, it’s a bit rough to eat here, since they don’t give you utensils and you eat your main dish by use of a spongy-bread called Injera!  Which, might I add, smells like sourdough, looks like spongy pita, and is totally delicious.  It expands in your stomach, though, so watch out!  This place is located right by the Shaw metro station (7th and T street), is very reasonable (entrees $8-12, beers $2, wine around $3.50), and gives you lots of food to take home for the next day!  They’re also a bakery for Ethiopian bread.

This places, though it’s certainly not an upperclass establishment and looks a bit shady, is heralded as one of the best in DC.  No joke.

Baked and Wired

Best cupcake place in DC. Don’t listen to those people telling you to go to Georgetown Cupcake, or Sprinkles, or wherever. Seriously – don’t.

Baked and Wired is like a gourmet-foodie’s dream. You walk in, and the cupcakes are covered in glass vases. On display. Drool.

Like the others, it’s located in Georgetown (something like between 36th and 37th), and it’s near the waterfront. I recommend grabbing a cupcake and walking down with your friends to the waterfront to watch some good ole rowing. We love rowing!


A fun little restaurant just off of George Washington’s campus, it’s best known for its gourmet mac n cheese and tater tots. I love their fish tacos, and pretty much all of their burgers. PS, their burgers are the size of your head. Please take a friend.

It’s in an old Pharmacy, and the decoration is adorable. I’ve heard it’s a popular date-place for GW students.


Every Friday, most food trucks gather in Farragut Square for an insane food-fest. There are some seriously awesome trucks out there. My coworkers favorites include Basil & Thyme (gourmet Italian), Curbside Cupcakes and TaKorean (korean tacos!)

The food trucks also move around the city during the week, so you can always track them, on places like: http://foodtruckfiesta.com/food-trucks-washington-dc/. Bad news for us foodies.