I love Ohio thrift stores.  While other cities have thrift stores, none match the price and selection of my good ole home ones.

After dropping off a massive garbage bag full of old clothes, I picked through the local Goodwill and Salvation Army.  Some of today’s great buys:


Camel cowboy-style boots.  Literally never worn.  Total leather upper, rubber sole, made in Brazil.  $3.95.


Wool and acrylic sweaters, $2.00 and $3.00

I’m big into sweaters and boots, especially in light of my journey to England where the temperature is usually (always) a pleasant fall temperature. 

Makes me more excited to hop the pond!

Speaking of ‘cheapness’ and ‘Ohio’ (those two words are quite synonymous if you live in the country-land of Ohio), a tiny little discount grocery mart just opened in my little town.  When I say little town, I do mean little. 

The only stores we’ve had in this town that have lasted more than a few years include a pizza place, a tiny restaurant, another pizza place, a gas station, laundromat and beer drive-thru.  Yes, I said beer drive-thru.

We are infinitely classy.  Anyhow!  This discount grocery mart had Bob’s Mill products for UNBELIEVABLE prices.  Oh, and Larabars, and gluten free goodies!  I was in shock.  Shell-shock.  I had to be dragged out of the store, but not after I made some key purchases:

Bob’s Mill Ground Flaxseed: $1.00

12oz of Chia Seeds: $1.25

No Pudge Brownie Mix: $0.25

4 Larabars: $1.00

For those of you who also buy these types of groceries, you’ll know the absolute elation and you’ll undoubtedly share in my shell-shock.

I’m going to be so spoiled when I move to England and the exchange rate kicks me in the face.  Ah well, until then – HELLO discount grocery!

Oh, and a shameless plug (if you’re interested in disability awareness, Paralympics, etc):

Home at last!

Sorry for no post yesterday – I was en route from DC back to my home in Ohio!  Now that my 10-week internship is done, I have roughly 5 weeks to get my things in order to MOVE TO ENGLAND.

So excited.

Anyhow, let’s rewind!  Friday was the closing ceremony for our internship, meaning great food and great people all in the same place!


The buffet was incredible.


I filled my plate with veggies first (huge tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots), then went for the meat (salmon, chicken, flank steak), followed by a small scoop or orzo pasta salad, a strawberry and grapes.


I did indeed have seconds, which consisted of more tomatoes, cucumbers, chicken and the black beans that marinated the chicken.  Delicious.


Can’t believe it’s over so soon!  As I was leaving, I snapped one final picture of my home for the last 10-weeks…


And how beautiful it is.  You can see words inscribed on the ground (which are the seven ‘parts’ of our mission) – a very beautiful lobby.

After having my flight delayed for two hours in Reagan Airport, and having had a long conversation with one of the top ranking officials in Global Development from the White House, I made it home to Ohio!  It was my parents’ 40th anniversary yesterday, so of course we headed to our favorite place: Joe’s Crab Shack!

I apologize for the picture quality – my camera was buried in my luggage, but I couldn’t miss this moment!  I had snow crab, scallops and mussels in white wine.  Holy cow was it delicious.

So, now that I’m home, I have a huge to-do list, which includes exercising, getting back to my “comfortable” coxswain weight, figuring out the small annoying details of moving internationally for an unknown period of time… and seeing/loving friends and family!

Please enjoy the small workout I did this morning to kick start my day:

Jumping Jacks

60 reps

Raised push-ups

15 reps


45 seconds

Step-back lunges

10 reps each leg


50 reps


60 seconds

Leg drop w/ reverse crunch

2 x 10 reps

Didn’t have me breathing too hard, but I needed something to kick-start my day before my gym membership gets up-and-running for the month I’m home!

Happy Sunday!