Noshin’ and the Opening Ceremony!

Feeling some pride that I’m moving to England soon – way to be, Opening Ceremony!  London 2012!


Today, I had my hip dry needled (OUCH) to release my muscles, and on the walk hobble back to work, I realized it was food truck day in Farragut Square!  Yeehaw!

I also realize I haven’t posted food pictures lately – apologies!!

I had an absolutely delicious beef shawarma combination, full of delicious golden couscous, two stuffed grape leaves, two slices of pita, a generous serving of garlic hummus (hidden underneath the pita), a side salad, beef and roasted veggies!  Definitely returning to this truck if I can.

I’ve been eating rather horribly, lately… eep.  So much candy and snacking.  Not good.  Must readjust that willpower button this weekend!  Deep breaths.  I tend to get on overeating rolls.

For example, I appear to be on a carb-fest…



And baked bread during the Opening Ceremony…

Enjoy the Olympics!  I know where I’ll be all weekend!