Walking in the Sunshine

I metro’d up to Columbia Heights, and my friend and I walked over to Adams Morgan, a really fun neighborhood in DC.  Our intention was, of course, more delicious Ethiopian food!  Gotta get all that I can while I’m here since it won’t be around when I head back home, or to England!

There are some gorgeous cathedrals along the walk to Adams Morgan, and I LOVE cathedrals.  So much.

We entered to beautiful décor! Cue Meskerem.

It was so delicious that I didn’t get a picture until the end!  I had the Special Tibbs (cubes of choice lean beef, sauteed in special, spicy sauce), and my friend had Sigana Atkilt (lamb meat with string beans, carrots and potatoes in a mild sauce)… with lots of injera (spongy, sourdough-tasting bread), of course!  You can see that bread lining the bowl, still.

How cool is this bowl table, though?!

After discovering the only Target in the city, I meandered about, picked up some apples, sandwich thins and a cardigan ($7, originally $30!), then finally ventured home.

At 6:30, my stomach growled again.

I whipped up a turkey burger, avocado, over-easy egg, a piece of my homemade bread and a monstrous amount of green beans with cayenne, salt and pepper.  Delish!

Had a frozen ‘nana with raspberries, and then snuck some peanut butter and chocolate chips after… whoooops.

Only in my lovely bricked apartment for 2 more weeks before Ohio calls!  Embracing my DC time!