Just Shrimpy

Paleo’s been going well!

I promised my coworkers that I’d bring my (famous) salted dark chocolate espresso brownies to work, and I managed to only have a tiny brownie the entirety of the day. The ONLY non-Paleo thing! Go me?

I’m not as picky about the legume part of Paleo in terms of some veggies (like green beans) or veggie starches (like corn). I definitely stray away from other legumes and starches, though, as per Paleo.

Dinner last night was awesomeeeeeeeeeee. Excuse the BlackBerry picture:

BlackBerry phone quality…

and today started off with a banana covered (I do mean covered) in Sunbutter. Plus several other spoonfuls of Sunbutter.

Stuff is addicting. AND Paleo. Win.

Question of the day: what food can’t you resist?