Deciding to get more serious…

I’ve decided to get a bit more serious about posting workouts on this blog, since it helps me stay motivated and focused!  Strong women!

I’m a big fan of “sprint” workouts.  I don’t like chronic cardio, even though I do engage in it sometimes (see my previous post about cardio during my favorite TV shows).  I always find that I feel more accomplished after sprint or interval cardio.

Likewise with weight stuff.  I’ve been getting a bit complicated in the past, throwing in 10-12 exercises per strength training day, and it mostly just confuses me.  I’m deciding to stick to no more than 5 strength-oriented moves per day, and really bust those out.

So, without further ado, introduction of the “daily workout” portion of this blog.  Yeehaw, let’s go!

Body-fat today: 25.9%
Notes to self: one hip surgery and falling off the wagon… but chin up!

4 repetitions of:
10x Step-Ups (onto box or bench, with weights in hands)
10x Kettlebell or DB swing
10x Bodyweight Squat (butt vertical to knees)

Tabata-style Intervals
Machine: elliptical
5 minute warm-up
4 minutes of work:
      – 15 second, all-out sprint, on incline/level that challenges me
      – 15 second, complete rest, lower level and just keep legs moving
5 minute cool-down

Work to be done.


Upper Body Workout

Pulled from Women’s Health Olympian Workout!

As specified on Sunday, I’m planning to an upper body routine along with some abdominals (a few planks, exercise ball crunches, and perhaps some toe-tucks if my hip flexors are feeling up to it).


I’m a big fan of incline push-ups since I haven’t mastered the full push-up.  In fact, I do incline push-ups on my kitchen counter when I’m cooking!  I like to increase the intensity by ‘jumping’ off the counter after my chest touches, to get real work out of my pecs.

Happy working out!

Weekly Workouts

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!

This weekend was crazy.

As many of you know, I studied abroad for a year at Oxford (England), and have great friends from that journey.  A friend of mine from that experience met up with two girls who had just returned from studying abroad, so it was two generations of Oxford!

Myself and Sabrina, the “old” generation…

… with Lauren and Dorothy, the “newest” generation.  Cute!  We enjoyed lunch at Bistro Francais in Georgetown.  I had the Rachel salad, which consisted of spinach leaves, avocado, and crab meat.  Delicious.


I was a member of the clean-plate club.

After, my best friend drove up to DC and we went to Adams Morgan, a very popular up-and-coming neighborhood in DC.  We went to Madams Organ for dinner, and had delicious barbeque chicken with candied yams, fried okra and too many french fries. 

Such strange restaurant décor… (don’t bring your kids here, folks).

This week is the very last week of my American Red Cross internship in DC.  How time flies!  I’ll be doing lots of exciting things, wrapping up my research, and saying the final goodbyes!  Eeep.  But, above all this, I’ll be trying to stay fit!

My hips have been struggling this past weekend, but I’m still going to make sure to get a few workouts in.  When I get back to Ohio, I’m going to step up the pace and really start watching my clean eating.  I’ve been off the wagon too long.

Weekly Workouts

Monday – Walk 1 mile to PT, then 1+ miles to friend’s house for dinner.  Potentially have a quick 15 minute arc trainer session pre-walk to PT.

Tuesday – Abs and upper body circuit, plus 30 minute arc trainer interval session (30 sec sprint, 30 sec moderate).

Wednesday – Abs and lower body circuit, plus 40 minute arc trainer interval session (10 minute moderate, 20 minute of 45-sec sprint and 90 sec moderate intervals, 10 minute moderate).

Thursday – Walk 1 mile to PT.  Potentially have a quick 15 minute arc trainer session pre-walk to PT.

Friday – Abs and upper body circuit, plus 30 minute arc trainer interval session (30 sec sprint, 30 sec moderate).

Saturday – fly home!

Fatigue for Progress

 First off, thank you to the people who have subscribed to my blog!  Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside!

Unlike my coworker, who received this expression today:

I’m known for my ability to scowl.  A funny scowl, nonetheless.


Today, I’m planning a “fatigue” workout.  If you’ve never done this style of weight lifting/strength building, it’s intense… and awesome!  If you want to feel a day-after burn… this is a trusty way to ensure it.

Click me for a clearer image!

As you can see, I often keep my workouts in Excel documents!  Easy access and sharing!

In other news, I’m trying to stay ahead of the curve at work.  Only seven more weekdays of my internship, and then I ship out of DC to Ohio until England calls my name!  Time really does fly.  I’m trying to get bank accounts, phones, etc, sorted before I head over there so I don’t make the mistake I made last time and wait until the last minute and appear like a chicken with my head cut off.  I’m sure glad I’ve already lived in England for a year so I know what to expect and where to find things; that’s a relief!

I’m talking to a lot of my fellow Gates Scholars about the transition – it’s very nice to be a source of information!  I pride myself on my Brit knowledge.  Sometimes I have more British pride than American pride…


Yes, America.  Yes.

Abs on Fire

Here’s the “hard” core workout I’m planning to atempt today, that I mentioned in my Fitness of the Week post yesterday…

The idea is to complete each exercise with perfect form for one set each.  Then, if your abs aren’t on fire, to go back through the circuit, completing as many as you can with good form.  If you can’t do as many as you did the first time, totally fine – the objective is good, strong completion, not half-assed.

I’ll let ya know how it goes!  Can’t wait to be unleashed from my office chair…