How to Use an Indoor Rowing Machine

My worst nightmare is watching people row incorrectly on the indoor rowing machine (really called an ergometer, but to us rowers, an erg).  You will see me, beetle-eyed and crazy, staring at you from the arc machine across the way.  I will be preventing myself, with every ounce of being, not to correct your form.

Don’t make Brie sad.

Don’t be that person.  Here’s how to row correctly Smile

Also – it’s literally the best full body workout that you can get from a cardio machine.  If the erg isn’t your friend yet, become acquainted!  I’m not saying it’s pleasant or anything, but damn, is it worthwhile.

Right.  So, there are two terms to understand when rowing.  One: the catch.  This is the moment when your arms are outstretched and your legs fully engaged.  In an actual boat, your oar would just be about to drop into the water.

Second term you should know is the finish.  This is when your oar has come out of the water, when you have successfully completed a stroke.

Following thus far?  Excellent, excellent!

This is the correct progression from CATCH to FINISH and back to CATCH:

Teaching the “drive” (from catch to finish), and the “recovery” (from finish to catch)


Don’t do these things:

What NOT to do.


Rowing is one of the most beautiful things out there, and such a good workout.

Go get your sweat on!

And hop in a boat if you’re so inclined…