So, I’ve recently discovered a cure to the “oh my god I’m so bored” thought on the elliptical.  Even when I do intervals (tough ones, at that), I still get a little bit bored. 

These past 2 days, I’ve gone to the gym extra late in order to get my cardio in while watching some great TV programs.  Okay, “great” is probably not the best word – maybe, amusing.  On Monday, I trucked it to the gym at 8:30PM to do some hip rehab and core work before hopping on the elliptical for a moderate 60-minute session while watching ABC’s Bunheads.  Hilarious show, but so sad that it was the finale!

Yesterday, I got to the gym around 8:15PM to do a more total-body resistance workout before hopping on the elliptical to watch USA’s White Collar.  While I felt pretty good during the weights segment, I had to stop 4 times on the elliptical to stretch my TFL and hip tendons, which (after about 10 minutes of going), started to twinge sharply with each stride.  Annoying.  Overwork?

Plie squats w/ 20lb DB 3 x 12
Step-back lunges w/ 8lb DBs 2 x 8 (my quads weren’t happy)
Side-lunge w/ lateral arm raise 2 x 10
Goodmornings w/ 8lb DBs 2 x 12
Lateral and frontal raise w/ 5lb DBs 2 x 10
Flye on ball w/ 8lb DBs 2 x 12
Reverse flye on ball w/ 10lb DBs 2 x 12
Hamstring ball pull-ins 2 x 10
One-legged bridge on ball 3 x 10 seconds, each leg
Side planks 45 seconds, each side
Wide-legged plank 45 seconds

Today my hips are feeling tight, undoubtedly from two 60-minute elliptical sessions and the hamstring/quad work I did yesterday, so I think I’ll hop over to the gym for a walking-treadmill workout and lots of stretching.  I’m miffed that my cheapo gym doesn’t have a foam roller, though. Big ole bummer.

Motivation of the day: 6 weeks until I get to start coxing again!


Eights M1 (2)

Get excited for the Paralympics, too!

Team Bad Company, incredible USA Paralympic rowing team!


Charging my brand new camera… and hunting for good photoshoot locations later today!

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