I love Ohio thrift stores.  While other cities have thrift stores, none match the price and selection of my good ole home ones.

After dropping off a massive garbage bag full of old clothes, I picked through the local Goodwill and Salvation Army.  Some of today’s great buys:


Camel cowboy-style boots.  Literally never worn.  Total leather upper, rubber sole, made in Brazil.  $3.95.


Wool and acrylic sweaters, $2.00 and $3.00

I’m big into sweaters and boots, especially in light of my journey to England where the temperature is usually (always) a pleasant fall temperature. 

Makes me more excited to hop the pond!

Speaking of ‘cheapness’ and ‘Ohio’ (those two words are quite synonymous if you live in the country-land of Ohio), a tiny little discount grocery mart just opened in my little town.  When I say little town, I do mean little. 

The only stores we’ve had in this town that have lasted more than a few years include a pizza place, a tiny restaurant, another pizza place, a gas station, laundromat and beer drive-thru.  Yes, I said beer drive-thru.

We are infinitely classy.  Anyhow!  This discount grocery mart had Bob’s Mill products for UNBELIEVABLE prices.  Oh, and Larabars, and gluten free goodies!  I was in shock.  Shell-shock.  I had to be dragged out of the store, but not after I made some key purchases:

Bob’s Mill Ground Flaxseed: $1.00

12oz of Chia Seeds: $1.25

No Pudge Brownie Mix: $0.25

4 Larabars: $1.00

For those of you who also buy these types of groceries, you’ll know the absolute elation and you’ll undoubtedly share in my shell-shock.

I’m going to be so spoiled when I move to England and the exchange rate kicks me in the face.  Ah well, until then – HELLO discount grocery!

Oh, and a shameless plug (if you’re interested in disability awareness, Paralympics, etc):