I had the great pleasure of watching a polo match just down my road!

I rode horses (English and hunter/jumper) for a very long time, and as many of you know, I have a horse of my own!  I’d never seen a polo game though, and what better way to become even more British before I hop the pond!


I stomped on some grass divots thrown up during the first half, as well as learned some great “polo-isms”!  A “chukker” is the 7 and a half minute ‘time of play’ that occurs, much like ‘quarters’ in a basketball game.  There are three “chukkers” per half.

At half, there was a hilarious hat judging contest.  These ladies won.


As if any hat could beat those babies!

It’s been wonderful weather here in the midwest – mid 70s and sunny – and I’m embracing it.  Absolute favorite weather.


I also made a friend.

My evening following polo was full of wood-fired pizza (sausage, sun dried tomatoes and mushrooms), and a small wine tasting. 

Happy Saturday to you, folks!



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