I haven’t been able to run without pain for close to four years.

Tonight, on my 40-minute walk, I decided I felt up for the challenge.  I did intervals of walking and running (with a sprint thrown in here or there.. I’m telling you, it was crazy) between telephone poles and mailboxes!  Quite entertaining.


I live in country-ville, so you can see how nice and flat my roads are, and how pleasant of a distance the poles are apart!



Jet says hello, too.

Before my run, I met a friend for Starbucks and a movie (The Campaign).  What an obscene movie – very funny, and playing up the American stereotypes like no other.  Can’t wait to watch it with some British friends in England.

At Starbucks, I had one of their new Refreshers (berry hibiscus), which I’m totally obsessed with.  Delicious.

I had a nutella and ice cream binge earlier today (no, really; it was bad), so I’m still recovering and getting my head back in the game.  I wasn’t hungry at all, even after my run, but ate a hard-boiled egg for protein.

The goal tomorrow is to focus on getting more veg and protein in!  I have a tendency to carb-load, so I definitely want to make sure that protein and veggies are the main staples of at least two of my meals, if not all!

Power to the veg and fruit!  Night folks!