Breaking the Habit

I have this incessant habit of wanting to eat something sweet after every single meal.

After breakfast, I can usually control it.

Lunch, sometimes.  I can usually eat a piece of fruit or yogurt and be chill.

Dinner, I can’t even handle it.  MUST. EAT. DESSERT.

So, cue the conscious habit breaking!

I’m a firm believer in the power of mind (hence my degree in psychology), so I know I can do this… and I know it won’t be easy, at all.  Tonight, I took a step forward by overcoming my desire for a massive dessert, instead making a delicious iced coffee and having a finger-scoop of Nutella.


Look how beautiful!  I poured the coconut milk in after the ice and coffee, and it made a wonderful little pattern.  Sadly, my camera was dead, so my (grainy) blackberry picture must suffice.

Anyone have any tips for habit breaking?  Getting over my dessert obsession?


A beautiful sunset from country-ville, Ohio!

2 thoughts on “Breaking the Habit

  1. I have a good tip!!

    1) how about keeping some chewing gum on hand?
    2) what about a protein brownie? mix some water, a few egg whites, scoop of protein powder, tsp baking soda, and microwave!!
    3) I freeze my cut up strawberries in an ice stray and make ice cubes, pop them in some water and SO DELICIOUS!
    4) what about greek yogurt with some honey?
    5) I also heard of freezing a banana and mushing it up as banana ice cream!

    • I’ve done #5 and #2 before (seriously good ideas), but I’ll definitely explore more options. I kind of want to go cold turkey (just to see if I can do it), but I’m always up for moderation too. Good suggestions, thanks!!

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