Impossible is Nothing

Everyone has their heroes.

I have mine.

The choice to have something define us is just that: a choice.  I’ve learned this over the past seven years, where I’ve had the great pleasure and privilege of working at a recreational camp for individuals with disabilities.

I also say individuals with disabilities because, unlike ‘disabled person,’ disability, in this instance, acts an adjective.  Not a definition.

At this camp, I learned that a rock wall can be climbed in many ways.


That there are many ways to swim.

… and to dance,

Res Week 6 - 097

That happiness and friendship matter most.


and that nothing is impossible.



2 thoughts on “Impossible is Nothing

  1. I stumbled to your blog one day…I think it was because of a post about surgery? Anyway i’m glad I did, I like your blog, and vicariously, you, a lot. Keep it up! Here’s to reading!



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