Coping with Injury

I’ve gone to physiotherapy more than 6 different times throughout my life.  I’m very pigeon-toed (not the scientific name, obviously), but in effect, this makes both of my legs turn inward a lot and puts immense amounts of strain on the muscles that respond with internal rotation.



(above: I’m also prone to injurious accidents.. both of the above were caused, in some way, by coxing!  One, I was thrown from a boat by a collision, and the other, a dock broke underneath my feet.)

I played soccer for 14 years or so, and always had problems with my feet (high arches, plantar fasciitis), knees (tendinitis, popping, knee cap moving), shins (lateral splints), but never my hips.  In 2008, I took up rowing, and BOOM, hip death.

I went to 5 different doctors and spent nearly 2 years searching for a diagnosis of my hip problems.  I still don’t have a concrete one.  Generally, I’m told that I have “capsulitis, tendinitis, overly tight tensor fascia latae, piriformis, quadriceps and hamstrings, small amounts of bursitis and impingement.”

Cute, right?  I got surgery on my left hip in June, 2010.


It was arthroscopic surgery, so it wasn’t too invasive, but a lot was done.  They shaved down my femur head, hip socket, restitched the tissue that lined the socket (since my femur had rubbed against it for so long and torn it), and half-severed my iliopsoas tendon (to lengthen it).  I had to wear this machine for 6 hours a day, for nearly a week.

Needless to say, I watched a lot of movies.

Today, I’m still working through things.  My right side is getting worse, and I attend PT twice a week for deep tissue massage, ultrasound and lateral strengthening.

I’m a bit worried about heading to England and not having PT covered by insurance… unsure if it’s in the national plan.  Fingers crossed.

Recently, I’ve tried deep needling (ouch), and taping.  The taping is quite interesting.  Usually it’s nude-colored, but of course they decided to tiger stripe me today.. the day before our big “end of internship” luncheon where I was planning on wearing a dress.  Haha.

So, the journey continues with hip struggles and life.  Maybe one day I’ll get to the point where I have a pain-free week?  My hopes are high!