Yoga for the Athlete

I don’t do meditation yoga.  I’ve tried (several times) and simply cannot do slow-motion things.  Just doesn’t roll with my life.

However, I do need to do yoga.  My muscles are inordinately tight (to the point where two deep tissue massages and physiotherapy twice per week isn’t enough), so something must be done!

Therefore, I’ve made it my goal to do a simple yoga routine, every day.

Here’s the plan.

I start the sequence with a downward facing dog.  Delightful for my horribly tight hamstrings, calves and Achilles, and also really opens the back and shoulders.  I often stay here for 5-10 deep breaths.

I then bring my right leg between my hands in downward dog, and move into a lunge.  I have to actually use my hand to move my right leg up to where it needs to be because I’m that inflexible.  In this lunge pose, I will sit deep for one breath, stand for one breath, deep for one breath, etc, for up to 10 breaths.

Next, I bring my left elbow to my right knee in the lunge position, and open my chest to the right side.  I hold here for five breaths.

I then move into warrior 2, opening my body and trying to sit as deep as possible.  Sometimes, I will do what I do in the lunge, and move from sitting deep to half-standing for ten breaths.  If I’m feeling particularly strong, I’ll hold deep for ten breaths.

Finally, I move into the stork.  This is (BY FAR) the hardest position on my right side.  My tendon catches along my joint and won’t release, so I barely get into this position.  Because my tendon was cut on my left side, I can do this position more easily… but whew, the right is a challenge.

Return to downward facing dog, and repeat on the left side!

It doesn’t take terribly long, and it’s really quite nice.  It doesn’t have to be silent, but certainly can be if you’d like.  I usually rock out to my hip-hop playlist Winking smile

Happy stretching!

4 thoughts on “Yoga for the Athlete

  1. Sounds silly but the DVD ‘Yoga for Dummies’ starts out pretty much the same as your sequence here – I really like the DVD and there is another one after that one but can’t remember what it’s called. Just a tip 🙂

    – Sofie

    • I actually have something similar, but I hate watching DVDs while exercising and usually don’t have one available when I’m doing these, so I print out the little cards/pictures 🙂 but good tip!

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