Express Yourself

A little known fact about me:

I love tattoos.

Tasteful ones, that is.  Ones that mean something. 

I’m an individual who likes to keep her tattoos subtle (both because of personal preference, and professionalism).  The one above means “dare to be wise” in Latin, and holds several meanings for me.  It was the mantra of the enlightenment era (all hail science), and it was also done at a great turning point in my life – right before I journeyed to Oxford.

Tonight, I got another.

I’m pretty against couples getting their names tattooed on each other, etc, but I’m not against shared tattoos if they hold common meeting.

So, in light of being separated by an ocean anywhere from three years to forever, my best friend and I cemented our bond.

Toe tattoos are notorious for fading, but we didn’t care.  It was mostly for the act of doing that we got them together.


It’s a version of the triquetra knot, most commonly interpreted to mean “love, honor, protect.”

Any of my readers share my love of expressive tattoos?