Product Review: Ben & Jerry’s Greek Yogurt

Oh. My. God.

As most of you know, I’m pretty lactose intolerant.  I can do skim milk and yogurts, but anything else and my stomach is having an uprising.  So, when my best friend returned from an archaeological expedition in Azerbaijan and discovered that Ben & Jerry had a Greek Yogurt “froyo,” we had to give it a try – specifically, the Blueberry Vanilla Graham.



Arguably calorically dense and sugary (1/2cup serving is 200 calories, 23g sugar), it still boasts more protein than usual for an ice cream (6g).  My friend and I split the whole pint (whoops) – but it was that light and not filling at all.  Super creamy, not icy.  Beautiful swirled coloring.  Addicting.

I felt like this dog.

Next on the list?

B&J’s Greek Yogurt PB Banana.  Holy crap, someone lock me in my house before I consume a year’s worth of this stuff.

One thought on “Product Review: Ben & Jerry’s Greek Yogurt

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