Abs on Fire

Here’s the “hard” core workout I’m planning to atempt today, that I mentioned in my Fitness of the Week post yesterday…

The idea is to complete each exercise with perfect form for one set each.  Then, if your abs aren’t on fire, to go back through the circuit, completing as many as you can with good form.  If you can’t do as many as you did the first time, totally fine – the objective is good, strong completion, not half-assed.

I’ll let ya know how it goes!  Can’t wait to be unleashed from my office chair…

Part II: Photography

Continuing my photography series.

All photos taken by me, on a Canon SX120 IS.  Please click for higher resolution!


King’s College, Cambridge, spring 2011


CityOfOxford__Nov2010 002

Parks Street, Oxford, England, fall 2010



Parks Street, Oxford, England, fall 2010





The Broad Street, Oxford, England, winter 2010