Lazy Sundays

I’ve been wanting to try this recipe for awhile, and it turned out great!  Paleo bread, cashew butter style!  All it is: cashew butter, eggs, baking soda and salt.

Super bread-like!

I also made the final batch of chili (killed my pound of ground turkey, finally).  This time, I added cocoa!  It’s delicious.

DC weather has been exponentially better today – much cooler and less humid!  Wish I could run (stupid hips), since I can’t get to the gym and I have such trouble motivating myself to workout at home.  I’ve been throwing in countertop push-ups all day today while I’ve been cooking, just to get in a bit of upperbody work!

Oh, and Remember the Titans is on TV.  Who doesn’t love this movie from their childhood?!

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