Two Peaches Are Better Than One

Breakfast started off with two soft/hard-boiled eggs (medium boiled?) where the yolk was perfectly yellow and not runny.  Definitely the best I’ve made!  I followed the eggs with a larabar, carrot cake flavored.

My first larabar ever, in fact!

I drink four of these a day.  All of my coworkers laugh at me because they think I have a tiny bladder.  NUH UH, LOOK AT THIS SUCKER.

Anyhow, I got through the morning thanks to the help of a beautiful white peach that I bought at the farmer’s market yesterday accompanied by several dips in the lovely Sunbutter jar (it’s still alive, 6 days after buying it!). 

I think I also got my coworkers hooked on Sunbutter.

Whenever I plan on eating out of my office’s downstairs cafeteria (which is actually really delicious), I wait until “happy hour” – the half hour before they close when all of the bar food is discounted!  Attempting to stick to Paleo as much as possible, my plate looked like this:

While I’m certain that the chicken and pork that I got had added sugar in the sauces, I think I did pretty well!  Everyone knows that cafeterias are stocked with grains and sugars, but I strayed clear as much as possible. 

Loved the roasted butternut squash.

After physiotherapy (more fun exercises and painful massages), I came home to quickly concoct broccoli with tofurky, seasoned with a bit of cumin, salt and pepper.

The blog title doesn’t lie.  Peach #2 came next!

With cashew butter…


I scheduled a “dry needle therapy” appointment for next weekend, so that should be interesting to describe.  I’m set to journey to my friend’s to see Batman and have an old fashioned slumber party, so I may not be able to post until Saturday eve or Sunday!

Cheers –

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