The Fitness Diaries

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who rides a rollercoaster of “LOVE” and “bored” in the fitness world.  Well, except for those rare individuals who make working out a job (and props to you, Olympians).

Find Brie… oh wait, I’m the one with MASSIVE quads, holding up a friend.

Moral of the story: Love the benefits of working out… but, well, sometimes it’s tedious to reep them.

So, here’s a list of the tried, failed or loved of fitness regimes that I’ve jumped on. 

Zumba –
Love it.  Seriously.  I love the hip-hop style teachers more than the strictly Spanish dancing types, but it’s one of the most fun classes that I’ve ever done.  I’m a self-diagnosed group-class fanatic (so bring in every group class, ever), but Zumba keeps me coming back.  It’s a bit high impact for my hips, but I love it regardless, and it doesn’t get boring.  Fun fact: I danced personally with Beto Perez, the inventor of Zumba, in his home country of Colombia last November during a fundraiser at a rural village!

Glittery-us with Beto in Colombia!

Credit to those who BodyRock (the free, internet phenom that’s taken over the nation), but I simply cannot do it, for a variety of reasons.  I cannot work out at home.  I simply can’t bust my butt as well in my own living room as I can in a gym.  It’s like not being able to do the same quality work from home as you can while sitting in an office, I guess.  It’s also much too high impact for my hips (all those burpees and mountain climbers left me limping for days). 

Love me some Les Mills.  I haven’t lived near a gym that does any Les Mills classes for over 5 years now, but I’m looking forward to getting back into it when I move to England, because I know there are some in my area.  I love BodyPump because it’s a weights class, and I’m all about women-lifting-weights.  It’s powerful, it’s necessary and who doesn’t love muscles?  BodyPump never fails to leave me sore as hell for a very long time, but it’s also dynamic enough with the fun songs that I don’t get bored.

P90x & Insanity
Like BodyRock, these DVDs fail me for the very same reasons.  I can’t motivate myself to do them in my house (let alone, by myself), and they absolutely kill my joints and hip flexors.  I’d love the results they provide, but it’s simply not an option for me because of the high impact stuff.  The low impact flavors just don’t have enough “oomph” for me, either.

Run of the Mill Cardio
You know, that cardio that everyone does: treadmill, arc trainer, elliptical, ergometer, etc.  I hate it because it’s insanely boring, but it’s usually the only consistent option for me that doesn’t hurt and is readily available, so I subject myself to the misery and boredom.  Sure, I love the final result and I do try to keep it interesting with intervals and the like, but for those of you who know how I am in real life, I need a change often.   Despite music changes and otherwise, I’m pretty sure this will never be fun for me.  Necessary evil?

Oh man, I love MMA (mixed martial arts).  I’d love to keep up with boxing, but because of a wrist injury, I’m kind of afraid to get it started again.  I can’t do the kicking part of kickboxing, sadly, but when I used to do group classes of it, I loved it.  For those of you interested in the actual combat portion, seek out a boxing gym.  Nothing gets you going like hitting someone, right?

Spinning –
Like I said, I love group classes, and this is no exception.  It’s holy-hell painful at times (6 hills in a row, are you kidding me?), but I never sweat like how I sweat in spinning workouts.  It’s probably the size of the room and the million of bodies, as well, but I feel like I always get a good workout.  It’s also pretty nice to my hips!

I’d like to try Crossfit, but again, I’m afraid of the high impact stuff, and that I’d never be able to do any of the prescribed activities.  I’m really, really competitive and a perfectionist, so “not being able to do something to the required amount” or “having to do something with limitations” bugs the crap out of me.  Clearly, this is why I cox and direct a boat full of 8 huge men down a 2000-meter race course. 

My upper body is SO much smaller than my lower! But.. working on it!

The list goes on. 

What fitness regimes rock your world and which ones leave you bleeding out the ears from boredom?

One thought on “The Fitness Diaries

  1. Totally with you on the group classes! My new gym membership starts next week and im way too excited to get back into classes!!! I can do a work out DVD at home for like a week (30 day shred was my last attempt) but then I just get bored!

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