The First Big Paleo Challenge

Hey friends!

So, today was interesting!  I had a lot of challenges cause my most favorite things (quick breads, dipped sweets), were all over.  Certainly not paleo.  However, I’m pretty proud of how I did, even if I slipped from the Paleo a bit.  It’s coming along!

For breakfast, I had soft-boiled eggs that I made the night before.  Making a second set right now because they were so enjoyable!


For lunch, I tried to kill some of the romaine lettuce that was threatening to die in my fridge, so I had a big ole salad with (drained) canned chicken and half an avocado, seasoned with garlic salt, pepper and lathered in some Asian Sesame Lite dressing.  The dressing probably isn’t the most Paleo-friendly since I’m sure it has added sugar, but I looooove it.

I had quite a few dips into my Sunbutter jar before lunch, but not so many after (like 2!).  I went to the farmer’s market across the road during my lunch hour to pick up a delicious white nectarine (which I ate) and a yellow peach, which I’m going to eat tomorrow.  There, I had a baby piece of banana bread – very proud it was a small piece!

When I came back, we had a long meeting, and when we finished, there were these crazy fondue-dipped cake balls.  Holy crap.  I chose the smallest one that I could find, which was a white confetti cake covered in melted cookies n’ cream bar.  Oh my goddddd.  Everyone else had at least another, but I did manage to walk away!

Seriously guys.  Big steps.

Had an okay workout – good on strength, not so good on cardio.  I actually stopped about halfway through my desired arc trainer time because my legs were really, really stiff and not feeling so hot.  I had a huge massage yesterday at PT, and my legs just aren’t 100%.

After getting DRENCHED in what was pretty much a deluge in the span of 5 minutes, I made it home, and killed the rest of the chili I made on Sunday for dinner.

Oh, and this:

Broiled yellow peaches with honey, cashew butter and peach green tea.  And a few more dips of cashew butter.  And homemade hot chocolate (dark cocoa + dash of agave + dash of chocolate almond milk + 1/2c almond milk + water).

I think I ate enough to choke a horse.

Refocusing on Paleo for tomorrow!  Deep breaths.  Left with a great thought from a Primal blog I stumbled on: seek primal progress, not perfection.

2 thoughts on “The First Big Paleo Challenge

  1. Sunbutter is addictive. I eat it all the time (overdose on it).

    Not sure why you’re doing paleo, but I wouldn’t LOL. Eliminating any food groups makes no sense at all to me (nutritionally or biologically…there is no legit long term research that shows paleo is any better than anything else…and we’re humans and meant to evolve , so the “evolution” theory makes no sense).

    To each their own though 🙂

    • Excellent question! I’m not really doing Paleo for the “fad” effect, but because I’ve had some issues with several food groups that I haven’t been able to figure out, and Paleo seemed like a good place to start seeing if what I eliminated was the causal factor! I’ve determined I’m definitely lactose intolerant and may have some trouble digesting certain grains. Saying I’m “Paleo” also makes me eat more protein and vegetables 😉 (trying to play the mental game, hahaha)

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