Hips Don’t Lie

Many of you have read that I have awful hips.

For those of you anatomy experts, or otherwise, I actually have capsulitis, a bit of bursitis, tendinitis, abnormally tight TFL and piriformis muscles, and an impingement.

All you need to know is that my hips don’t lie: they suck.

So, I attend physiotherapy twice a week!

It usually consists of strengthening exercises for my lateral glutes, ultrasound to break up scar tissue and tough muscle, and deep tissue massage to cause me excruciating pain. Yay!

Today, we decided to try a little sport tape to see if it would loosen my TFL and put a bit less stress on my hip.  I’m sure I looked hilarious trudging through Whole Foods with my leg tape.

I picked up some peaches, frozen veg, cashew butter (I have a nut butter problem), tofurkey sausages (23g of protein, yes please), 6 larabars and an almond milk.  Whole Foods is surprisingly close to my physiotherapy place and bus home, so this could be a ritual stop!  I live awkwardly far from other grocery stores.

On the dinner plate:


Tofurkey sausages and broccoli seasoned with garlic, salt and pepper.  Hit the spot.


I might be cracking in my newly purchased chocolate almond milk (with added hershey dark cocoa) and a bit of chocolate avocado mousse for dessert!





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