Squish, Squash

hello, beautiful

Squash, as a category, is one of my favorites of all time.  I am addicted to pumpkin (no, seriously, I think it’s a disease…), as well as most other types of squash, namely spaghetti, zucchini, yellow and -drum roll- butternut!  I roasted some butternut tonight with spritzes of butter, salt and pepper at 400F for 35 minutes (my oven is slow), then tossed the squash with cinnamon, a dash of honey, several more butter spritzes and a few more sprinkles of pepper.

It was insane.

Insanely good.

On the side, I had a fresh salad of romaine and spinach with diced red bell pepper and lite balsamic dressing.  I only ate one-half of the squash, because I snuck in a few spoonfuls of peanut butter earlier.

For dessert, I had some left-over sugar-free banana pudding with a half tablespoon or melted peanut butter, a dash of chocolate protein powder and a heft tablespoon or Hershey’s dark cocoa.  Delightful!

I just realized that all of the rain is trying to leak into my hallway and cause a massive flood.  I don’t have an Ark, so I should probably hop to the toweling before I drown!

Also – 90 people viewed my blog today!?  I HAVE READERS?!  Happy Brie.


The 9-to-5

Or, in my case, the 8-to-4.

The lovely 8-hour work day in a cubicle that will kill every ounce of energy you thought you had for working out, getting things accomplished, cooking a great dinner, etc etc etc.

Here’s how I deal with the temptation to simply pass out on my couch after a long day at work….

  • Make sure to stand/walk around at least once per hour (it’s usually more).  Since I have terrible joints, this helps me physicaly, but it also helps me to mentally settle down for a few minutes and reconvene.
  • Schedule your appointment to workout as if it’s a very important meeting.  I have ‘gym’ pencilled into my calendar on the days that I intend to workout.
  • Prepare for success.  If I don’t pack a healthy breakfast, lunch and snack, I’ll eat the crap that’s put out in the office.  If I don’t pack my gym clothes and sneaks, I won’t workout.  Plan for success!
  • Be lenient with yourself.  I’m terrible at being self-degrading when I eat a cookie or snack that wasn’t planned for.  Sometimes, just let go, but keep it in moderation!
  • Eat lunch with friends.  Seriously, cubicle eating is the worst, and it kills the mental game.  Eat with friends!

have a bit of fun..

 How do you deal with it?