Weekend Warrior

Weekends are such a struggle to stay healthy!

The Tombs, a rowing themed restaurant in Georgetown!

This weekend, I had about 8oz of wine (whoowhee), a bit too many pancakes and snacks… but I find that I’ve always dwelt on this stuff negatively.  So, for once, I’m going to dwell on what did go right.

  • I had a lovely weekend/slumber party with great friends, and became more acquainted with James Bond movies!
  • I didn’t finish my entire dinner at the restaurant, and took it home for lunch the next day!  (Seriously, this is such a big achievement for me)
  • I didn’t eat things I knew would bother my stomach
  • I stuck to wine, rather than hard liquor, to be nice to my stomach.  I also sipped the wine, and didn’t even finish the second glass.
  • I went to the gym and busted out great sprint intervals on the arc trainer, coupled with a bicep/tricep/chest workout.

Looking forward to dwelling on good things this week, and hoping this 100* weather cools down!

Already packed up my salad (romaine, cucumber, turkey, asian sesame dressing) and yoplait yogurt for lunch tomorrow, and am planning a lovely bok choy and shrimp stir fry for dinner!

Question of the day:  How do you bounce back from the weekends?

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