Back on track… slowly but surely

My friend and I stopped at Panera’s en route to the metro (back to home for me!), and I got a sausage and egg sandwich, which was delightful.  Usually I don’t opt for bread in the morning meal, but for those of you who know Panera, there really isn’t much getting past the whole bread thing.  But, it definitely tided me over for a good 4.5 hours, and at around 2pm I decided to have lunch.


Lunch consisted of spinach and romaine leaves intermixed with cucumber, red pepper, 1/4 of an avocado, 1 over-easy egg and asian sesame lite dressing.  Quite possibly my favorite salad, ever.  It also held me over a fair amount, but in the afternoon I had a childhood craving for peanut butter.

So, cue yummy snack:


The milk is unsweetened coconut milk, which I love, and I probably also had about 3tbsp of PB total.  I eat a LOT of peanut butter.

For dinner, I whipped up a very simple dish of shrimp and mixed frozen vegetables, with a sprinkling of garlic seasoning and several sprays of butter.  I love shrimp, and I love all of the protein from it.  So delicious.  Wish it were cheaper!  My poor intern-budget can’t handle it as much as I’d like.

I snuck in a piece (and several bites of icing) off of a chai tea cake that I had made about three days ago, but then promptly packaged it up and got ready to take it with me to work.  I also threw away some getting-old bread from the fridge.  More temptations, gone.  Willpower, here I come!

I made a huge batch of turkey chili tonight too, with crushed tomatoes, diced parsnips and sweet peas.  My chili always consists of a hint of sweet (1/2 tbsp of honey and dash of white sugar), a lot of spice (cue cayenne pepper), as well as some pepper.  Can’t wait to eat it for lunch tomorrow!

Oh, and did I mention I got see my little guy yesterday too?  This is Hudson, the cat my friend and I shared during our last year of college…


We like to call him hamburger-head.

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