Happy birthday, America!

Safe to say today is the bane of all ‘clean eaters’ existence – but all things considered, I didn’t do have bad.  Except for the three tablespoons of icing I ate.. oh wait, and the half bottle of wine.. oh wait, and the four slices of angelfood cake.  Yep, just kidding.  Total fail.

The day started off with a fabulous egg-white omelet (for some reason, I don’t like yolks in omelets, but love them otherwise) with turkey and red pepper.  I journeyed to my best friend’s house in Maryland, and we concocted a delightful flag cake!  The base was angelfood cake (arguably the best kind in the world), which we then covered with homemade whipped cream and blueberries/strawberries.  It was delightful.  We ate all of the burned crust of the angelfood (the top almost always gets too crispy) and then several spoons of icing.  Whoops.  Oh, and I had a hamburger patty, no bun; we were trying to kill food from a previous cookout.

Into Annapolis we went for the July 4th parade, and shared a bottle of moscato between us.  I had a garden salad and a grilled teriyaki sandwich (which would’ve been uber fine had I not also eaten the brioche bun… heaven).  But, hey, all things considered, it could’ve been worse.  We walked around the city for quite a bit, but settled in to our dinner and wine about an hour and a half before the parade to snag a good seat.. and because it was damn hot.

We were going to stay for the fireworks in Annapolis, but we feared having to fight the traffic on the way out, so we opted to head back to her hometown and watch the fireworks in her neighborhood.  They turned out to be pretty good, except for when the neighbors almost lit their roof on fire… oops.

Last 4th I’ll be spending in the states for quite awhile!

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