Traveling to Korea and Ethiopia

Yellow Van Korean!

Well, today didn’t go exactly as planned, but I am proud of one thing – I didn’t overeat/stress eat!  I have this weird, weird thing that if I know I’m going to be eating out later, I get insanely anxious/excited about and can think of nothing else for the entirety of the day until that thing happens.  So, that means that, at 9am, even 30min after I’ve finished a delicious espresso protein coffee drink, I’m thinking about my adventure to the nearby Korean food truck (see above picture) for some spicy beef and chicken.  All of this thinking of spicy beef and chicken leads me to be fake hungry/kill time with other snacks.  HOWEVER, today I realized the tendency and only ate a tablespoon of peanut butter to tide me over until the 12pm lunch time.  Major win for me.

Likewise, I  knew that I had a date with a friend tonight at an Ethiopian restaurant, so I tried not to snack from lunch until dinner unless I was truly hungry.  I had a very small piece of chai sponge cake with chai icing at around 4:30 and instantly regretted it.. having not had many carbs recently, it kicked me in the stomach instantly, and I knew I should’ve opted for the more protein-full snack.  Next time.

Ethiopian was way delicious, and that was perhaps my biggest downfall of today… ate entirely too much injera (Ethiopian flatbread, which you can see on our plates below).  But it’s just so damn good, and the texture is to die for.  I already love bread and everything about bread’s texture, but this takes it to another level.  Delicious.  I did order a very high-protein low-carb entree (beef in hot chili curry), but gourged on the injera.  Next time, that will be my challenge to overcome!

I got groceries delivered to my home this week, as I live inordinately far from a store and don’t have a car, and it was a very pleasant experience!  A massive pot of turkey chili will be created this weekend that should feed me for a good week.  Yay!

Planning to explore DC tomorrow for some happy-birthday-America festivities!