Baby Steps

.99c iced coffee!

Today was the first day of trying to really focus on going mostly paleo – ie. limiting grains and dairy and increasing consumption of protein and vegetables.  For those who know me, cutting out or greatly decreasing carbs of any kind is pretty much blasphemy.  I love bread… a lot.  So, with this first attempt, I thought that I would do a gradual change.  For the next week or two, I’m going to aim for less than 100g of carbohydrates a day, over 50g of protein and unlimited quantities of delicious vegetables.  I’m thankful that I’ve always loved veggies.

My day started out with a great chocolate and peanut butter protein pancake.  It consisted of roughly 1.5 tbsps of reduced-fat peanut butter and 1/3 scoop of chocolate protein powder (which boasts roughly 23g/scoop).  I always aim for buying the best calorie-to-protein ratio in my protein powders, and getting those with the least amount of sugar.  I sadly didn’t get a picture of this, as I’m not used to this “taking pictures of all of my food” thing, but I’ll get there – promise!

The paleo way of life also encourages lots of snacks, which is great for me, seeing as I get pretty nauseous if I don’t eat close to when I’m hungry.  Maybe it’s a drop in blood sugar?  Unsure, but it’s not pleasant, so snacking is my friend.  I’m a grazer, for sure.  I had a cup of green tea, a tbsp of reduced-fat peanut butter and a lovely .99c coffee from a DC bakery (with a dash of milk and a mountain of cinnamon) before lunch.

I had a doctor’s appointment at 11:30, and it took a whopping 2 hours to complete, so I couldn’t get back to eat lunch until nearly 1:30.  Needless to say, I wasn’t impressed.  I ate my can of buffalo chicken salad at 1:30 (again, I promise I’ll take pictures once I remember!), and the huge amount of protein really filled me up.  It was a rather nice change.

Around 4pm, when I was finishing up with work, I got hunger pains and had two cups of reduced-fat chicken-noodle soup that I had brought with me.  I love soup because it’s instantly filling.  More protein, a little carbohydrate… but it did the trick!

I went to the gym around 5pm to do a nice 30-minute cardio workout on the arc trainer (I can’t run, thanks to terrible joints and chronic tendinitis), warming up for 5minutes at a decent pace, then doing intervals of 30 sec sprints at a higher incline followed by 60 sec quicker paced lower incline.  Just as I was approaching the end of this session, I saw that there was a Zumba class about to start and I basically freaked out.  I had no idea Zumba would be here and MAN do I love Zumba!  I joined in for the last 45 minutes of the Zumba class (which my hips and joints might not have been ready for…), and it was great.  Hope I can continue!  Injury always plagues me so I’ll just make sure to rest.

I had the protein powder that you see in my nifty baby-sized orange shaker cup after Zumba, which was much needed.  I had about 1/5 of a granola bar, too, to make sure I could make the 45 minute commute home without eating any of my fellow bus-commuters.

When I got home, I had an incredible salad consisting of spinach, half of a large apple, shaved deli turkey, a lightly fried egg and lite asian sesame dressing.  Amazing.  I had a small piece of my homemade bread (honey oat with a touch of italian herb), which I simply couldn’t resist.  But really, my carb intake today was remarkable compared to any other day in my life.  I’m really proud!  I’m also a dessert FIEND, and I managed to resist tonight just by having mango-flavored peach tea.  Hit the spot.

Bring on tomorrow – feeling good!

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