Let’s begin.

Blogging.  A thing that I think is beautiful in concept, and very difficult in execution.

Sure, I stalk blogs like nobody’s business (but really, it’s a problem).  I prefer to stalk food and exercise blogs, as those are the things that I love most in life, with the exception of academia.  Sadly, I’m not kidding.  I might’ve been born reading a book, and it was probably about the brain.  That’s a whole other story.

Anyhow, I’ll endeavor to document all of my meals and forays into cooking as I subsequently stay on track with eating right, maintaining coxing weight (that is, 120-125lbs for coxing men, and much lighter for women), and… having fun!

I’m not very good at resisting temptation.  In fact, I’m terrible.  I have nearly nonexistent willpower, and I’m terrible at intuitive eating.. ie, I just eat all of the time, whether or not I’m hungry.  So, this is a lovely journey into finding a happy medium for all of these things.

It should be quite an exciting one, and one that I can hopefully maintain while still being a busy-body with the 10,000 other things I put on my plate (har har, funny food pun).  Here we go!

9 thoughts on “Let’s begin.

  1. Ha, I just discovered your blog and totally love it! I’m having a go myself after shamelessly stalking blogs with food, exercise and actual real life (i.e. sometimes I just need to sleep in the morning and the gym has to take a back seat, or sometimes I just NEED that whole jar of peanut butter!). Real life FTW!

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